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A Home Equity Loan from First Ohio

A home equity loan from First Ohio can help you get started on the smallest or the biggest projects, from remodeling the bathroom to getting an addition. With our low-rate loans starting at just 3.75% APR*, you’ll find that getting started is the easiest part of the job. Continue Reading >

Money Down the Drain

Low Intro VISA® Rate

Don’t Pour Your Money Down the Drain.  Get a First Ohio VISA® Today!

Are you throwing your money away on high interest credit card payments?  Now is a good time to stop pouring your money down the drain.   Continue Reading >

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To view the last twelve months of First Ohio’s Newsletters click here.  First Ohio Newsletters have what current promotions are happening, what is going to change, plus much more. Read our monthly newsletters to always know what is happening at First Ohio! Continue Reading >

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From the Desk of the CEO
The months ahead will be a challenging but an exciting time for us. July 1, 2014 is our go live date for our new computer system. It has been 9 years since our last computer system upgrade and in those 9 years technology has changed dramatically. In addition to the advanced technology, there have been many regulatory and compliance requirements that are intended to keep information secure and safe. Continue Reading >