EMV (Chip Card Technology)

As you may have seen on the news, credit and debit cards are starting to contain security chips.  First Ohio will be adding chip technology as well.  The chip card re-issue will start around the mid-end of the summer 2016.  Once your First Ohio debit and credit cards expire after this is in effect, they will be re-issued with the new chip technology.

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change bandit

Break Free!

It is time to break free from payday loans or a low credit score!  You deserve better and we are here to help!  First Ohio now offers a new type of lending to help get away from bad habits and improve  your credit.

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It’sMe247 Bill Pay is Here!

Pay with It’sMe247 Bill Pay!

What makes this new system better than the last? There is a quick pay option on your main screen in It’sMe247, making it even easier to pay your bills and see what eBills are due. It’sMe247 Bill Pay provides you with so much information on your bills; including when they are due, how they were paid, when they should arrive, and much more.  Setting up your bills will be very similar to the way you set them up in Easy Pay.

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