Easy Pay

First Ohio an Online Bill Pay Program called Easy Pay! It truly lives up to its name. This program allows you to pay your bills directly from your checking account, manage those bills and much, much more! Want a reminder? You can have reminders set up to remind you when your bill is due. You can also receive e-bills from certain companies! You can check your history , update biller info and keep track of your bills, all through the Easy Pay Program offered through It’sMe247!

Enrolling is easy!  Below is a guide to help you enroll and guide you through the easy pay system.

First Ohio’s Easy Pay Cheat Sheet
Log into It’sMe247
Click “Pay Bills”
You will arrive at a main screen (Payment Center)
This Screen Includes
• Bills to Pay
• Reminders
• Scheduled Payments
• Payment History
• Ability to Add New Bill

Adding New Bill
• In Payment Center
o Under Quick Biller Add
o Click “View Suggested Bills in Your Area”
• Or, click “Add New Bill” at the top of Payment Center Page
• After adding new bills, go back to payment center and you can pay your bills
• Payee is available to pay as soon as it is added

Paying Bills
• In Payment Center
• At the Bottom of the Page your Bills will be listed
• Enter Amount
• Pick Date
o It will auto fill with 1st available pay date
o Available Dates will be highlighted in blue
o Overnight and expedited dates will be in the same color and show the fee associated with that option
o The date picked will be the date it arrives to the destination (not when it is sent)
o The money will be withdrawn the date it is due to arrive
o Some bills have a “Pay Today” option (these will clear the next day)
o If the next available day is tomorrow, it is electronic
o If the next available day is a few days out, it is a check
Manage My Bills
• Gives you the option to change and update your bills plus much more
• If your bill is pending you can edit or delete the bill in bill history
• Once the bill says processing or paid you cannot change or delete it
• There is an option under Manage My Bills for electronic bill invoices for participating vendors

Setting up Recurring Payments
• Manage My Bills
• Select the Payee you want recurring
• Click, add automatic payment

Transfer Money
• Can transfer funds from the credit union to an outside account or from an outside account into your credit union account
• Enter account number and routing number
• Wait two days, find test deposits (there will also be a debit for the total of the two deposits)
• Go back into “Transfer Money” click verify
• It will ask you for the two deposits, enter them and click verify
• There is a $1 fee per transfer
• It will tell you when to expect your deposit

You can have up to two checking accounts listed with the same base account number.

There is a $5 inactive fee.  If you enroll in Easy Pay, please pay at least 1 bill a month to avoid a $5 inactive fee.