Out With the Old, In With the New

At First Ohio we are always looking for ways to improve your member experience. In 2019, we are enhancing your Platinum Credit Card! Our processor is changing, and bringing some exciting new things! Some of these changes are:

• Credit cards will be reissued to all Platinum cardholders and will contain the MasterCard™ logo instead of the VISA® logo
• Transactions and balances will be available in It’sMe247 home banking
• Credit card statements will be included with your regular account statement, if you have a checking account
• Mobile Wallet – Apple Pay, Android Pay, Samsung Pay will all be available
• MobiMoney will replace the CardValet® app for controlling your card via your mobile phone

Man Hand drawing Old Way or New Way concept with marker on visual screenIf you are a Debit cardholder, you will not miss out either. Most of these same new features will carry over to your debit card as well! We are very excited for this upcoming change! Continue to watch our newsletter, website, Facebook and Twitter for more information and updates regarding our card conversion. If you have any questions, please call us at (330) 494-8775 or email us at firstohio@firstohiocfcu.org.