Check Out Our Credit Card Promotion!

Do you have high rate credit cards and it seems like the balance never goes down? First Ohio can help you with that!

During the months of  November and December 2022,  you can transfer those high rate cards at a promotional rate of 3.99% APR*. That rate will be good until June 30, 2023. By transferring your balances to your First Ohio Credit Card, you will notice your balance will decrease a lot faster than it did before! Do not be held down by high rates; break free and move your credit card balances to First Ohio!

If you do not have a credit card with First Ohio already, you can take advantage of another special promotion. More details are available about our credit card introductory promotion.  You can apply for a Credit Card online today!

*Annual Percentage Rate. Promotional Rate of 3.99% applies to all balance transfers and cash advances posted to a First Ohio Credit Card in November or December 2022. The rate is effective until June 30, 2023. After that time, all credit card balances (including purchases, cash advances, and balance transfers) will revert to the regular credit card rate.