Credit Card Conversion 2019

MastercardCredit cards are undergoing a conversion in 2019. In late January 2019, members will start receiving their new MasterCard™ credit cards in the mail. These cards will be blue in color. There will be specific dates for activation and we will release the dates as we move closer to January 2019. Once the card is active, all current credit card activity will be transferred over to the new card and the old card will be closed.

Here are some new features that are coming with the credit card conversion!

Single sign-on functionality – ALL credit card activity will be available to members in It’sMe247 home banking. You will no longer have to visit a separate site to view your credit card statements and activity! Whether you are using the credit union’s mobile app or logging into home banking from a computer, you will have all of your credit card activity available too!

Payments – In most cases, payments will be credited to accounts immediately, instead of the current 24 hour processing time; giving you more purchase power in a more real time atmosphere.

Streamlined statement process – Credit card statements will be mailed with member checking account statements each month when conversion takes place. If you don’t have a checking account, rest assured your credit card statement will still arrive each month. Or, you can stop in the credit union and open a checking account today!

Apple PayGoogle WalletSamsung Pay
Mobile wallet features will be available – Welcome to the world of Apple Pay, Google Wallet, and Samsung Pay! First Ohio is pleased to bring along this advancement in technology with the new credit card program. (If you have a First Ohio debit card, this feature will also be available for these cards as well!) These will be available in the second quarter of 2019. 


MobiMoneyMobiMoney card app – If you are using the credit union’s CardValet app today, it will be replaced with MobiMoney. Transaction alerts, turning your card “on” and “off” and setting purchasing rules are all things that you will still be able to do with MobiMoney. Great new features and functions are coming to this easy to use app as well! Stayed tuned for more information on this! (If you have a First Ohio debit card, this feature will also be available for these cards as well!)