Teach Your Kids to Love their Finances!

Children are our future and they need to recognize how important it is to understand money. Whether it’s teaching them to save or when to spend their money, a Cash Cow Account and ISave Teen Accounts* can give you the building blocks to help you, as a parent, teach your children the importance of their finances.

There are teachable moments everywhere! Including the grocery store, when you are out at a restaurant, at home paying the bills or anytime you use your First Ohio MasterMoney™ Debit Card! Plus you can play games that help demonstrate how money is used or give them an allowance.

The first step is setting up an account for your child to help understand financial institutions and how they can help and get children involved in their credit union!

Find out more about our kid and teen accounts.

**Cash Cow and ISave Accounts require a joint owner of majority age.