VISA® Balance Transfer Promo

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This great promo will save you lots of cash this holiday season with a low 3.99% APR* on all balance transfer and cash advance transactions now through February 3, 2018. If you have a First Ohio VISA® Platinum Credit Card, simply stop into the credit union and do a cash advance. We will put the money in your account or we can make a check payable to another high rate card and transfer that balance to your First Ohio VISA® Platinum card.

Not a cardholder yet? No problem! Apply online or in office today and we can get your card to you before this great promotion ends! Contact our loan department for more details.

*Annual Percentage Rate. Promotional Rate of 3.99% applies to all balance transfers and cash advances posted to a First Ohio VISA® card from November 4, 2017 through February 3, 2018. The promotional 3.99% rate will be in effect until August 3, 2018. After that time, all credit card balances (including purchases, cash advances, and balance transfers) will revert to the regular credit card rate.