U Choose Rewards®

Cabin in the woods

Ready to book that winter getaway? Book it using your debit card or credit card to earn points!

UChoose® Rewards, our enhanced rewards program, gives you accelerated earning opportunities and virtually unlimited ways to redeem all the points you earn using your First Ohio CFCU MasterMoney™ Debit Card and VISA® Platinum Credit Card.

Here’s how it works: Use your MasterMoney™ Debit Card or VISA® Platinum Credit Card for signature transactions, and you can earn points. However, what sets this program apart from other rewards programs, is that you can earn even more points by shopping at participating national, regional, local, and online merchants. For a complete list of participating retailers and potential point offerings available for your purchases, visit www.uchooserewards.com.

These points can then be redeemed for well, just about anything, it’s your choice! Choose from millions of options, whether it’s products, travel experiences, activities, event tickets, a vast online rewards catalog filled with practically unlimited options awaits you.

To get started: Visit www.uchooserewards.com to set up your user name and password. Be sure to visit www.uchooserewards.com often to check out your current point balance, featured retailers for extra earning opportunities, and an amazing assortment of redemption possibilities.

Have additional questions? Please feel free to call us at 330-494-8775.