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Are you trying to determine an approximate payment for your next car purchase? Considered adding credit life or disability insurance to your loan? Our protection package offers both insurances at an affordable rate. Click the link below to calculate your payment with protection.

Disability and Term Life Protection

Adding disability and term life on your loan ensures your payments will be made up to the policy limits, in the event of a covered disability or death. How do you know whether you should protect your loans with low cost, convenient MEMBER’S CHOICE payment protection? Consider these questions: 

Disability Questions:
1. Do you currently spend almost everything you earn? 

2. What percentage of your income is covered by long-term disability insurance? How long before long-term disability benefits starts? What other resources do you have?

3. If you became disabled, how long could you afford your existing standard of living without incurring debt or disrupting your long range savings plans?

Life Questions:
1. How many years of replacement income does your current life insurance provide?
2. What happens to your family’s standard of living once this replacement income is gone?
3. How will your new loan affect your life insurance needs?

MEMBER’S CHOICE Credit Disability and Credit Life are important for protecting your credit rating, collateral and your peace of mind. Because even with employer and government sponsored insurance, significant gaps remain. With MEMBER’S CHOICE you can help ensure your dreams don’t become nightmares.

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