Card Activity Alerts and Card Management

Temporarily lock your card, report it stolen, and view your activity with Card Control

We constantly strive to improve our mobile app experience. Use these features to keep you updated on your First Ohio Community Federal Credit Union credit and/or debit  card(s).

Card Management
Manage your credit card or debit card(s) in the palm of your hand. You can turn your card “off” or “on”, or report your card lost or stolen. This feature also gives you quick access to view recent activity on your card and to help you detect fraud. To turn this feature on, download the FREE First Ohio Mobile App. Tap on More, and then tap on Manage My Cards, and select a Card – it’s that easy. Then you can toggle the card “off” and “on” as you want.

Card Activity Alerts
This feature allows you to receive mobile notifications from our mobile app, each time your credit or debit card(s) is used to make a purchase. To turn this feature on, make sure your First Ohio Mobile App is up to date with the most recent release. Once logged in, tap on More, and then tap on Manage My Cards. Select the card you would like to receive notifications on. Under actions, edit your activity alert settings to your personal alert preferences. It is that easy!